About The Inspector

John Travis – Licensed Home Inspector #HI10020

An experienced Inspector with

Real Estate experience and Passion

John Travis has years of experience in real estate and other relevant fields that have led him to become a Home Inspector. John worked in both the natural gas and water industry for 25 years becoming experienced and familiar with the components of a home that deal with these utilities. He later went on to work in real estate buying and remodeling homes. He successfully remolded and sold 25 different homes during this time. His dive into the real estate industry led him to become a Licensed Home Inspector.

He has since been inspecting homes for over 4 years completing over 400 Inspections personally. With his combination of work experience, he brings a seasoned and vetted methodology to his Home Inspections. John will work diligently to assure that any issues are found and reported to his customers.


In addition to being a licensed home, inspector John holds several other useful certifications from his years of experience and education.

checkmarkState Home Inspector HI10020

checkmarkWind Mitigation

checkmark4 PT Insurance Inspections

checkmarkFlorida Department of Financial Services Resident Insurance License – Adjuster All Lines #W651006

checkmarkFederal Administration Small UAS Certificate of Registration # FA39N9AREN

checkmarkSupra Key

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Wind Mitigation
Pools and Spas
Basic Home Inspection
Advanced Home Inspection
Rated & Reviewed HomeAdvisor Pro
Licensed Home Inspector John Travis

A Helpful Hand for Homebuyers

With years of experience buying and selling homes, John knows that purchasing a home is one of the biggest and most stressful choices in your life. He truly loves to help all of his clients and especially first-time homebuyers navigate through this truly stressful time and lend his expertise to helping them make the best possible decision.

He enjoys the role of the private investigator, using his sharp eye and knowledge to fully investigate a home and discover issues and needed repairs on the property. His friends and family always come to him with their home concerns and John is always happy to provide his well-informed insight 

Home Life and Hobbies

In his free time, John enjoys spending time with his wife and friends. Riding his Harley is his idea of a good time.



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