Buyers Home Inspection Services

Standards of Practice for Inspections

TRU Home Inspections follows the FABI guidelines and practices for home inspections. These guidelines and practices will guarantee that all structures, appliances, and components are thoroughly inspected to industry standards 

What We Inspect

  •    Roof
  •    Plumbing
  •    Electrical
  •    Heating
  •    Air Conditioning
  •    Fireplaces & Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
  •    Household Appliances
  •    Pools & Spas 
  •    Docks & Seawalls

Buyer’s Inspections

This Service is for Home Buyers who want to know the true value of their prospective home. The home inspector will examine all structures, components, and appliances in the home. This service will expose any potential faults, needed repairs, safety hazards, or potential causes for concern. A Buyer’s Inspection is a crucial step to take before purchasing a home and can potentially save you thousands or prevent you from making a poor investment. 

Pre-listing / sellers Inspection

This inspection is important for home-sellers or real estate agents who wish to list a property for sale. It is highly essential to be aware of any current faults with the property. A pre-listing/seller inspection documents the home’s existing state and permits the seller to provide correct and current information to prospective buyers. 

New Construction 

Prior to a final walkthrough with the contractor/builder, a Home Inspector should perform a complete and reliable inspection. Our Inspectors will account for the newly constructed structures and newly installed systems and appliances. This service will certify that everything has been built to the correct standards per the agreement with your contractor.

New Construction Phase Inspections 

During a phase Inspection, the Home inspector will inspect the home during critical stages of the home’s construction. The inspector will perform in-depth walkthroughs to check that the builders are building safely, to code, and with the correct materials. This is an extremely helpful service as the inspector can see the foundation and framing before the walls are put up, making it much easier for them to find any would-be building violations or improper material usage. 

11-Month / Builders Warranty Inspection

Most contractors and builders supply a 12-month warranty after the conclusion of the construction of the building. This inspection service will be conducted right before that warranty expires. An 11-Month/Builders Warranty Inspection will expose any flaws in construction. The contractor pays for anything uncovered during the inspection. This service is a wise investment and prevents you from paying for those potentially expensive repairs out of pocket.

Home Maintenance Inspection 

We provide this service for the current homeowner who would like a detailed report about the current order of their home. A detailed inspection can provide crucial insight into your home’s existing defects and required repairs. A home is a large investment and it is important to maintain its integrity and value. 

4 Point Inspection 

During a 4 Point Inspection, we will examine the four major systems that will determine your home’s insurance coverage. This includes the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. This allows the insurance company to get an unbiased report from a licensed professional.


A Re-Inspection is performed to make sure that any issues or needed repairs that were discovered and reported in the first inspection have been fully addressed. This service will give you peace of mind that everything has been taken care of and your home is safe and your investment is sound. 

Wind Mitigation

 A Wind Mitigation Inspection concentrates on the components of the home that can be damaged by high-speed wind. Our certified Inspector will certify the wind-resistant features of your home and report any faults in construction or sub-par material. 

Pools and Spa’s

We will completely assess all the aspects of your pool or spa including the construction and appliances including filters, pumps, heaters, plumbing, timers, and electrical components. The inspection will make certain that everything is in good and working order and your pool or spa can remain a place of rest and relaxation.

Tools and technologies 

TRU Home Inspections uses Thermal Imaging, Aerial Drone Photography, and a Moisture Meter to help in our inspections and provide the most accurate results in our reports. 

Discounts and Special Offers

We offer discounts to Military & Veterans, First-time buyers, and repeat clients. Please contact us for more details.



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